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Date : 2013.11.14Hit : 3912
File XGPC_v1.4_ENG_Build2013-11-18.exe

XGPC v1.4 New Feature

This section provides information that has been added to the new release of XGPC. This includes the following:

  • Support the X8-M Series A FRN5.
  • Extended the number of connections for Xnet over IP from 16 to 24
  • Added a feature that clears Data Tables.
  • Added OLE feature for "Rename" of Ladder or Data Table.
  • Add Communication flags in sytem register(SR2)
    - SR2.80 : Serial Protocol.
    - SR2.82 : Xnet over IP protocol
    - SR2.83 : Modbus TCP Protocol.
    - SR2.84 : Ethernet/IP Protocol.
    - SR2.85 : Socket MSG Protocol.

This section provides information on issues that have been resolved with the latest release of XGPC. This includes the following:

  • Clear Garbage data bits in Input Word of Expansion I/O.
  • Modified NX-Plus Master driver.
  • Modified NX-Alpha Master driver.
  • Corrected EtherNet/IP diagnostic counter.
  • Corrected diagnostic counter for UDP.
  • Fault Code 11h corrected

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