Smart Factory Solution
Motion Controller
Distributed I/O
Touch Panels

Smart Factory Solution

RS Automation's products with extensive development and sales experience in factory automation devices provides the best solution for automated equipment manufacturing applications with various product line-up including PLC controller, AC Servo drive, network-based distributed I/O, touch panel, PCS, robot controller and competitive price and high quality.

The value of a global brand designed to be easy to apply not only to industries but also in general commercial areas with world-class technology will give greater satisfaction and service to customers.
Will be the best partner for the customers of RS Automation with Automation component solution of RS Automation.
  • RSA EtherCAT Solution
  • MMCE Gantry Solution
  • MMC Vision Solution
  • X8 Integrated Network Solution
  • EtherCAT I/O Solution
  • MVC Motion Vision Controller
  • CSD7 Linear Motor Control
  • MMD Solution
  • CSD7 Smart Tuning

    · CSD7 Convenience Reinforcement

    · CSD7 Real-time resonance suppression

    · CSD7 Trajectory following control

  • INDEX Control
  • Robot Control solution
  • Multi-Axes Servo Drive System
  • EC·EM Series
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