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MMC-EtherCAT is a high-performance motion controller that were mounted on a PC which designed with 20 years of experience from obtained in the field.
It is the real-time motion controller based on network which supports various motion profile and functions. It provides a greater competitive edge when it applied to large equipment that the number of axes are largely used.

MMC-EtherCAT supports to use a variety of product that do not support the network by providing the option product, MMC-EtherCAT-Function Module.
  • EtherCAT network master; standard specification (CoE, CiA402)
  • Advantages

    · Simultaneous control of 64 axes motor and 5,440 points I/O (1ms control period), for 4 boards 256 axes + 21,760 points

    · Speed and position override implemented in a various motion blending

    · Geared Motion

    · Touch Probe

  • Use of PCIe slot
  • Maximum cable distance between nodes : 100m
  • Designed with API that PLC users can be familiar with
  • Wiring System : Star, Line
  • Tool : MMC-EtherCAT manager, MMC-EtherCAT I/O manager, MMC-EtherCAT scope
  • Function Module is supported as an option for connecting to general product.
  • Main Features

    · Digital CAM switch, Linear Absolute, Linear Circular

    · Buffered, Aborting, Blending Low, Blending High, Blending Previous, Blending Next

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