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XIO Series

XIO Series is an I/O system that supports the industry standard Fieldbus Protocol.
It cosists of the main fieldbus support adaptor and slice type expansion I/O(Discrete/Analog).
The minimum mounting area can expand up to 16 units.
Self-diagnostics enable quick response to errors.
  • High-speed and long-distance transfer
  • High-speed data processing(1ms)
    - When 16 expansion modules are connected
  • Supports up to 100Mbps, with max. 100m of distance between modules
  • Scalable using standard CAT.5 or higher Ethernet cable
  • Scalability and low cost
  • Slice type Network IO product can reduce the cost by using expansion modules
  • 5~10mm(Height) space can be secured compared to other comparable models
  • Supports up to 16 modules, regardless of module type
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